Hot Topics
Many moms are getting poor advice on their baby’s health care. Find out the best source for information in Hot Topics.
Why are teens smoking e-cigarettes? The reason may be closer to home than you think. Find out more in Hot Topics.
UPPAbaby is recalling about 71,000 of its’ strollers and rumble seats because they can pose a choking hazard to small children.
Grandparents offer a unique family connection! Check out these safety tips for caring for the grandkids in Hot Topics.
Are infants that breastfeed protected from dental misalignment as they grow older? Find out in Hot Topics.
Does birth order affect a child’s IQ or personality? Find out what a new study reveals in Hot Topics.
Can bouts of depression, anxiety and behavioral problems during childhood cause hardships in adulthood? Learn more in Hot Topics.
Teen-agers account for more than half the Tommy John surgeries performed in the U.S.! Find out why in today’s Hot Topics.
Avoid possible catastrophic injuries at the pool, lake or ocean this summer with these simple diving safety tips.
Find out which crayons and toys recently tested positive for cancer causing asbestos fibers in Hot Topics.
Babies can drown in less than 2 inches of water! Find out why Otteroo is recalling 3000 of its inflatable baby floats in Hot Topics.
Summer is a time for fun and families! Make it a safer one with these tips in Hot Topics.


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