It is always amazing to me how quickly information & videos spread.  Case in point:  video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son with “pre-chewed food” that she then “spit it” into his mouth. 

I must say it looked gross to me and I was not really sure as to the point of the entire ordeal. But there seems to be some interest in what is called pre-mastication feeding, which is commonly practiced in poor or underdeveloped countries. 

I don’t understand why Alicia Silverstone should need to pre-masticate her son’s food, as she has the benefit of not only a fork or knife to cut up and mush her son’s food, but she probably owns a food processor (or two) as well. 

I wrote a daily dose recently about the issues I have with the new convenient baby food squeeze pouches, children need to learn how to handle food on their own. 

At the age of 10 months (Blue Silverstone’s age) a child does not need their mother to “squirt pre-chewed food from their mouth to their child’s). This age child should be finger feeding soft table foods with different textures and tastes. They should be picking up small pieces of well cooked and “over ripe” food, it is one of the best times to let your child experiment with foods, as they usually will try almost anything and as long as it is not a choking hazard the more food groups the better. 

It is also fun to watch your child learn how to initially scoop up their food in their hands and then watch as they develop their pincer grasp. How can you achieve these milestones when your mother is pre chewing your food and then depositing into your mouth.  As my daughter in law said “ewwwwww!”

 I will admit to the fact that I have been known to bite off a piece of a chicken that was too hot, or a piece of candy (uh oh) that was too big for my child and then offering the appropriate sized piece to the child. That doesn’t seem to equate with pre-masticating and mouth feeding your child. 

Let me know your thoughts on this one. I would love your feedback!