Your Toddler

Study says too much TV may increase aggression in toddlers.
Children who attend a home-based child-care program may hit the set nutrition standards but they get a failing grade when it comes to physical activity a new study shows.
Study shows kids suffering from medication side effects
Mandie asked:  Can prolonged use of antibiotics cause IBS in toddlers and make the lose their appetite?
A new report warns about the potentially deadly dangers of giving codeine to children after a tonsillectomy.
Depression in children as young as three is real and not just a passing grumpy mood.
New government research shows that the U.S. obesity epidemic has stabilized in the past five years among preschool-aged children at about one in seven children being obese.
Children under four years of age fare better in motor vehicle accidents when they are riding in rear-facing rather than forward-facing car seats.
A new small study shows that for children aged four and five, taking a nap during the daytime may help reduce hyperactivity, anxiety and depression.
The World Health Organization is recommending that the oral rotavirus vaccine be included in all national immunization programs.