Your Toddler

Evenflo voluntarily recalls booster seats after Consumer Reports says the seats did not perform well in safety crash tests.
Although Human Growth Hormone is not a cure for the disease, researchers discovered that it reduced the number of hospitalizations among those who have the disease.
Too many children are getting much of their water from sweetened beverages rather than plain old H2O, the researchers found. The study also revealed that those who drink water consume fewer sweetened beverages and eat fewer high-calorie foods.
Babies at the higher end of the low-birth-weight spectrum are at risk of iron deficiency, and should get iron supplements, according to a Swedish study published Monday in Pediatrics.
A new small study shows that for children aged four and five, taking a nap during the daytime may help reduce hyperactivity, anxiety and depression.
Johnson & Johnson recalls popular over the counter medicines.
The latest information on the NcNeil product recall which includes Tylenol and Motrin.
Study says too much TV may increase aggression in toddlers.
Children who attend a home-based child-care program may hit the set nutrition standards but they get a failing grade when it comes to physical activity a new study shows.
Study shows kids suffering from medication side effects