Your Toddler

Is your toddler a messy eater? That's a good thing! Find out why in today's Hot Topics.

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Can sleep improve your child's brain development? More than you think! Find out how in Hot Topics.

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They’re popular, colorful, fun and possibly dangerous. The Step2® Whisper Ride Touring Wagons™, are being recalled due to a fall hazard.

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Want to help your toddler develop good language skills? Talk to him or her every day in greater detail! Find out more in Hot Topics.

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Is your toddler paying with a Softimals play set? Check out why the building toy play sets are being recalled in Hot Topics.

At what age should children stop sucking their thumb? The answer might surprise you! Learn more in Hot Topics.

The strongest legal narcotic available may pose a risk to your toddler's health. Find out how in today's Hot Topics.

Can watching TV hurt your toddler's chance of succeeding in kindergarten? Find out what a new study says in today's Hot Topics.

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How effective is the Rotavirus vaccine for young children? A new study looks at the results in today's Hot Topics.

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Having trouble getting your child to eat his or her vegetables? Find out how you may be able to win that battle in today's Hot Topics.