Your Toddler

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Is your toddler paying with a Softimals play set? Check out why the building toy play sets are being recalled in Hot Topics.

At what age should children stop sucking their thumb? The answer might surprise you! Learn more in Hot Topics.

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How effective is the Rotavirus vaccine for young children? A new study looks at the results in today's Hot Topics.

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Having trouble getting your child to eat his or her vegetables? Find out how you may be able to win that battle in today's Hot Topics.

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Over half a million children have been found to have higher levels of lead in their system than recommended. Find out why in today's Hot Topics.

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Does your toddler eat pre-packaged meals and snacks? Find out why these high sodium foods may create future health problems in Hot Topics.

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Where do most small children, who are poisoned by prescription medicines, find the drugs? The answer might surprise you.