Your Teen

A new study shows that nearly one in four freshmen gain at least five percent of their body weight during their first semester.
Young children take an extra three minutes to fall asleep for every hour of the day that was spent physically inactive according to new research.
A new survey has found that children and their parents who like to crank up the volume on their music would turn down the sound level or use ear protection if they were told to do so by a health-care professional.
No matter how much control you exercise over your teen's TV and movie watching, they may still be receiving positive tobacco messages via the Internet.
Taking part in team sports lowers the odds of children smoking.
Cheerleading continues to cause more serious and deadly injuries by far than other sports.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) wants doctors to take an active role in preventing bullying in schools and violence among dating teenagers.
Stimulant chewing gum can be dangerous for children if used excessively warn doctors.
A new study shows that things like texting, surfing and gaming, combined with caffeine is affecting their alertness and ability to function during the day.
A new poll shows that pressure about grades, student loans, relationships and school work is taking a toll on American college students.