Your Teen

Children who are obese are 26 percent more likely to have some kind of allergy, especially to food a new study finds.
Young adults who gained too much weight as teenagers tend to have greater amounts of deep abdominal fat which is a risk for heart disease in later life.
Showing middle-school students ultraviolet photographs that reveal the sun damage to their faces makes them less likely to get sunburns in the months following.
A new MRI-based study shows that when teens go on a binge drinking episode, they may be doing serious damage to the sensitive "white matter" in their brains.
A growing number of young video game players exhibit signs of addiction to gaming a new study has found.
The number of American children and teens taking drugs to lower their blood pressure and control diabetes has risen significantly since 2004.
Dermatologists say the bacteria that causes acne is increasingly developing resistance to some commonly prescribed antibiotics.
New research shows that most teens use the Internet to interact with people they already know rather than strangers who might turn out to be predators.
Those sports drinks that your young athlete sips on may be eroding their teeth a new study suggests.
One of the top government-appointed medical panels is urging doctors to routinely screen all U.S. teenagers for depression.