Your Teen

Is recreational pot use harmful to young people's brains? Find out what a recent study says in Hot Topics.

Is your teenage boy suffering from depression? A new study says a simple saliva test may give you the answer.

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Teens are experiencing more stress than adults according to a new survey. Find out what the results reveal in today’s Hot Topics.

Think heroin addiction only happens to other people’s kids? Not true. Find out why its become so popular in today’s Hot Topics.

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Are distracted newly licensed teen drivers more dangerous behind the wheel? Find out what a new study says in our Hot Topics.

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Does your child suffer from tension headaches or migraines? Stopping them may be as simple as tossing out the gum. Learn more in Hot Topics.

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A new study has an interesting twist to helping teens get a better night's sleep. Check out today's Hot Topics for more information.

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Social media could impact your teen's chances for getting into college. Find out why in Hot Topics.

Fewer Kids are smoking cigarettes, but more are turning to e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs. Are they any better ? Find out in today's Hot Topic.

Pediatricians advocate free or low cost condoms be available for teens. Find out why in today's Hot Topics.