Your Child

2:30 to Read | indoors, families, allergies, allergens
Find out what hidden allergens may lurk in your home and what you can do to reduce them in Hot Topics.

Do sugar-sweetened beverages and high calorie foods go hand in hand? Find out what a new study says in today's Hot Topic.

Does your child get ear infections? New APP guidelines may help determine the best treatment. Learn more in Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | young athletes, study, injuries, dancing
Like many young athletes, dancer's injuries are on the rise. A new study looks at the reasons why.

2:00 to Read | study, kids, child health, bullying
A new study says kids who bully are the most popular in school. Find out more in today's Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | diabetes, guidelines, kids
For the first time ever the AAP develops guidelines for treating kid's type 2 diabetes. Find out why they are needed now in Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | study, mealtime, childhood obesity
Could 3 minutes more at the dinner table lower childhood obesity? find out in today's Hot Topics!

1:45 to Read | surgery, kids, coughs, colds
Watchful waiting may be a better option than surgery for children with recurring coughs and colds. Find out why in today's Hot Topic.

2:00 to Read | health, flu, family
It's not too late to get your family vaccinated against the flu. This flu season is wide-spread and dangerous. Learn more in Hot Topics.

1:45 to Read | study, school, recess, kids
Does your school proved kids recess? It may be more important than you think! Find out why in Hot Topics.