Your Child

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Make sure your kids are getting the right kind of fluids to help fight off a cold or the flu. Learn more in today's Hot Topics.

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PTSD doesn't happen just to adults. Kids who are bullied can develop PTSD also. Find out more in today's Hot Topics.

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They are popular with kids of all ages, but bounce houses can cause serious injuries. Find out what ages should avoid these inflatable trampoline-like houses in today's Hot Topics.

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Are children more generous if they know someone is watching? Find out in the Kid'S Dr Hot Topics!

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Find out which Nestle products are being recalled in today's Hot Topics.

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Itching to find a cure for head lice? A new study says ivermectin lotion may do the trick! Click on today's Hot Topics.

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Is a popular energy drink the cause of a 14 year-old's death? The FDA is investigating. Learn more in today's Hot topic.

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Are boys catching up with girls in entering puberty at a younger age? Studies suggest they are!

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A "mother's kiss" is sweet, but it's also good for clearing a blocked nose! Find out how in today's Hot Topic.

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Make sure your little one's Halloween costume is not only cute but safe! Check out today's Hot topic.