Your Child

2:00 to Read | water safety, safety, Parenting, lakes, kids
Tips to help make sure your kids stay safe while at the lake this summer. Se what they are in today's Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | kids, illness, heatstroke, heat
Would you recognize the symptoms of heatstroke in your child? Learn more about heat illnesses and what you should do in today's Hot Topics.

Is your child's runny nose a cold, allergies or a sinus infection? Check out the new guidelines for treating bacterial sinusitis.

2:00 to Read | study, siblings, bullying
Bullying has gotten a lot of attention at schools, but what sibling rivalry? Find out what a new study says on the impact of sibling rivalry on children in today's Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | safety, kids, ATV
Summer brings out the kids and the ATVs. Today's Hot Topics looks at ways you can help your child avoid a serious or fatal injury.

1:30 to Read | recall, CPSC, children's safety, beds
A popular and moderately priced brand of kid's beds are being recalled in the U.S. and Canada. Find out which brand is posing a safety risk to children in Hot Topics.

What's causing your child's tummy aches? Constipation may be the culprit. Find out more in Hot Topics.

Protect your family from the West Nile virus by implementing these simple precautions. Learn more in today's Hot Topics.

1:45 to Read | kids, gum, FDA, caffeine
Wrigley's pulls it caffeinated gum one month after it hits the shelves. Find out why in Hot Topics.

1:30 to Read | softball, safety, recall
Softball season is in full swing. Make sure your child isn't using this Louisville Slugger bat.