Your Child

Protect your family from the West Nile virus by implementing these simple precautions. Learn more in today's Hot Topics.

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Wrigley's pulls it caffeinated gum one month after it hits the shelves. Find out why in Hot Topics.

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Softball season is in full swing. Make sure your child isn't using this Louisville Slugger bat.

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Is your child excessively sleepy during the day? They may have a sleep disorder that needs treatment. Find out more in Hot Topics.

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Pesky little skin warts.. how do kids get them? Find out in today's Hot Topic.

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Can serving your chid food on a smaller plate help fight obesity? Find out what a new study reveals in today's Hot Topic.

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Melanoma in children is increasing. Find out what a new study reveals and how you can help protect your child in Hot Topics.

2:30 to Read | study, mental health, kids, adhd
A new study says that 30% of adults diagnosed with childhood ADHD will continue to struggle with ADHD and may be at risk for other mental health problems.

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How many calories, sodium and fat grams are in the "kid's meal" at your favorite restaurant? Check out today's Hot Topic.

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Find out what hidden allergens may lurk in your home and what you can do to reduce them in Hot Topics.