Your Child

Are the chemicals in air fresheners safe for children to breathe? Find out in today’s Hot Topics.

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Is there a difference in how girls and boys recover from a concussion? Find out what the latest research says in Hot Topics.

Severe obesity in U.S. kids is on the rise. Find out how a new study breaks down the numbers and why this could mean billions being spent on health care costs.

One-third of U.S. school-age kids may already be on the road to early heart disease. Found out why in Hot Topics.

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Can probiotics help reduce children’s diarrhea and respiratory tract infections? Find out what a new study says in Hot Topics!

Another 403,222 Graco child car seats have been added to last month's recall. Find out the details in Hot Topics.

Kids who are bullied are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and attempt suicide. Find out what a new analysis reveals in Hot Topics.

Sports video games may be a valuable addition to your child’s health. Find out why is today’s Hot Topics!

Are our kids ingesting excessive amounts of caffeine? A new study looks at what kinds of caffeine packed products are on the rise.

A new study looks at the effectiveness of eardrops in treating infections caused by ear tubes in children. Find out the results in Hot Topics.