Your Baby

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Today's Hot Topic: A new strength introduced for infant acetaminophen has the FDA renewing it's warning to parents about making sure the correct dosage is given.

A rapidly growing baby may mean he or she is headed for obesity at a very young age. Learn more on The Kid's Dr's Hot Topic page.

1:45 to Read | health, pregnant, baby
More research shows why pregnant moms need folic acid and other minerals.

2:00 to Read | baby, summer
With the summer temps heating up, many parents are worried that their baby is not getting enough water. So ho much does a baby need? Dr. Sue weighs in.

1:45 to Read | safety, CSPC, baby cribs
Officials are cracking down to make cribs safer!

1:30 to Read | children, allergy, study
is it possible that your pet can protect your child from allergies?

2:00 to Read | baby, illness, skin, summer, sunscreen
Why it's important to monitor your baby's sun exposure.

2:00 to Read | CDC, children, immunizations, study
A life threatening illness is on the decline thanks to vaccination rates.

2:00 to Read | baby, safety, study
100 baby products found to contain toxic chemicals.

2:00 to Read | baby, children, safety, sunscreen
Over half of your child's sun exposure comes before age 18. Start the sunscreen at an early age.