Your Baby

2:00 to Read | study, parents, baby sleep problems
Your baby may not grow out of his or hers sleep problems. Find out what the latest research shows in today’s Kid’s Dr. Hot Topic.

1:45 to Read | recall, infant deaths, FDA, Enfamil
Following the deaths of two infants, and after extensive testing, U.S. health officials say there is no need to recall Enfamil Infant Formula. Find out more in Today’s Hot Topic.

Find out why more stores are pulling the infant formula Enfamil from their shelves in Today’s Hot Topic.

1:45 to Read | warning, infant, FDA, dose, baby, acetaminophen
Today's Hot Topic: A new strength introduced for infant acetaminophen has the FDA renewing it's warning to parents about making sure the correct dosage is given.

A rapidly growing baby may mean he or she is headed for obesity at a very young age. Learn more on The Kid's Dr's Hot Topic page.

1:45 to Read | health, pregnant, baby
More research shows why pregnant moms need folic acid and other minerals.

2:00 to Read | baby, summer
With the summer temps heating up, many parents are worried that their baby is not getting enough water. So ho much does a baby need? Dr. Sue weighs in.

1:45 to Read | safety, CSPC, baby cribs
Officials are cracking down to make cribs safer!

1:30 to Read | children, allergy, study
is it possible that your pet can protect your child from allergies?

2:00 to Read | baby, illness, skin, summer, sunscreen
Why it's important to monitor your baby's sun exposure.