Your Baby

2:00 to Read | study, PAHs, Environment, Child's health
Pregnant women exposed to PAHs may be putting their child at risk. Find out why in today's Hot Topic.

Does your baby snore? Find out why that could be a precursor to behavioral problems later in life in today's Kid's Dr.'s Hot Topic.

1:45 to Read | colic, study, migraine headache
Will mothers who have migraines have a colicky baby? Research suggests that there may be a link. Learn more in the Kid's Dr.'s Hot Topic.

Johnson and Johnson is recalling its entire U.S. supply if infant Tylenol. Find out why in today’s Kid’s Dr.’s Hot Topic

2:00 to Read | pressure, new moms, name brands
New moms are overwhelmed and are overspending on baby products. Are high profile brands really better? Find out in today’s Kid’s Dr.’s Hot Topics.

Johnson & Johnson has recalled it’s Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion. A sample product was found to have excessive levels of bacteria. Read more in the Kid’s Dr. Hot Topic.

2:00 to Read | baby, lip-reading, study, talking
Your baby may be lip-reading to learn how to talk. Learn more about a fascinating new study in today’s Kid’s Dr. Hot Topic.

Find out how a few drops of sugar-water can offer relief to preemies, who undergo painful medical procedures, in today’s Kid’s Dr. Hot Topic.

2:00 to Read | study, parents, baby sleep problems
Your baby may not grow out of his or hers sleep problems. Find out what the latest research shows in today’s Kid’s Dr. Hot Topic.

1:45 to Read | recall, infant deaths, FDA, Enfamil
Following the deaths of two infants, and after extensive testing, U.S. health officials say there is no need to recall Enfamil Infant Formula. Find out more in Today’s Hot Topic.