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Mother's Touch Baby Bather recalled after infants suffer skull fractures from falls. More in today's Hot Topic.

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Devises to alert parents not to leave their child in a hot car aren't reliable. Read the review in today's Hot Topic.

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After the death of an infant, a popular stroller has been recalled. Find out more in Hot Topics.

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Think you have to get rid of your pet because your expecting? Good news in today's Hot Topic!

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Should infants wear sunscreen? You might be surprised at the answer! Find out in today's Hot topic.

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36,000 Kolcraft strollers have been recalled due to injuries to children. Learn more in today's Hot Topic

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Could taking folic acid in the first month of pregnancy help prevent autism? A new study suggests it may be helpful. Find out more in Hot Topics.

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Is the current Time magazine cover really about breastfeeding? Find out in today’s Hot Topic.