Your Baby

2:00 to Read | breastfeeding, health, Newborns, study
More moms are choosing to breastfeed for at least 6 months. Learn more in today's Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | study, pregnant, mercury, health, fish
Should pregnant women, who eat fish containing low levels of mercury, worry about a connection to autism? Find out what a new study reveals in Hot Topics.

Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers are being recalled due to over 100 incidents and 61 injuries. Find out more in Hot Topics.

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You might want to skip the month of May for conceiving a baby. Find out why in today's Hot Topic.

1:30 to Read | recall, injuries, baby recliner
A popular baby recliner is recalled after being linked to 5 infant deaths. Find out which one in Hot Topics.

What if you could protect your baby from a disease before you ever became pregnant? Find out how in today's Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | parents, kids, hot car safety
Another child dies after being left in a hot car. Tips for avoiding this kind of tragedy in today's Hot Topics.

Can adding a little formula help new moms breast-feed longer? Find out what a new study says in today's Hot Topics.

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Can licking your baby's pacifier help prevent your infant from getting eczema or asthma? Check out Hot Topics to find out!

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What's the best way to soothe a crying baby? Find out what a new study says in today's Hot Topic.