Your Baby

Switching from breast to bottle? Check out one mom’s personal story in today’s Hot Topics

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Are babies capable of learning before they are born? A new study looks at fetuses and whether they can recognize familiar words while in Utero.

Do you own an Oeuf Sparrow baby crib? Check out Hot Topics to see if it’s one of the models being recalled.

2:00 to Read | SIDS, safety, infant, deaths, co-sleeping, baby
Infant deaths related to co-sleeping could set a new record this year. Tips for avoiding this kind of tragedy are in today’s Hot Topics,

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Do you own a Graco toddler or infant seat? Find out if your model is one of the products being recalled in the largest infant seat recall in history.

Lidocaine and Benzocaine should never be used to ease an infant’s teething pain. Find out why in Hot Topics.

What are those bumps and rashes on your newborn’s skin? Learn more about baby’s delicate skin in today’s Hot Topics.

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Are infants treated with antibiotics twice as likely to develop asthma later in life? Learn more in Hot Topics.

Do helmets work better than letting nature correct an infant’s flat head? Find out what researchers say in Hot Topics.

Should your baby boy be circumcised? It’s a personal decision parents have to make. Find out the pros and cons in Hot Topics.