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This flu season could be a particularly dangerous one according to the CDC. Make sure your family gets their flu shot soon!

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Some doctors are no longer taking patients who refuse to vaccinate their children. I am one of them.

Still concerned about the safety of your child’s vaccines? A new report should help allay those fears. Check out Hot Topics.

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Jenny McCarthy is not an expert on autism.

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How effective is the Rotavirus vaccine for young children? A new study looks at the results in today's Hot Topics.

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Another study finds no link between vaccines and autism. Find out the details in today's Hot Topic.

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Why the spike in measles outbreak?

Today's Kid's Dr's Hot Topics looks at why some parents are still concerned about childhood vaccines, and the science that supports vaccinations.

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Would you give your child a lollipop that was infected with the chickenpox virus? Some parents say absolutely. What you need to know.

Countries that vaccinate babies against rotavirus, which can cause severe diarrhea and kill in days, have significantly reduced the number of children admitted to hospitals with the disease, a report showed on Thursday.