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Children whose moms monitor their media involvement have lower BMI. Find out why in Hot Topics.

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Kids are spending too much time in front of the TV. What does it mean to their development?

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Tipping TVs can kill a small child, is yours securely anchored? Find out more in today's Hot Topics.

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Here's a dilemma: how do you entertain your kids while waiting in the pediatrician's office?
Kids are spending over 7 hours a day in front a screen: TV, watching video, playing games event texting. How much is too much?
A new study looks at how television, which may even be background noise, may interfere with parent-child interaction and conversation.
Study says too much TV may increase aggression in toddlers.
Did you see the recent news regarding The Baby Einstein video series? It seems that there was a lawsuit regarding advertising surrounding Baby Einstein, and claims that “the videos can educate infants”.
Watching food ads on TV leads to a boost in snacking among children and adults, increasing the risk of weight gain, new research says.