Want to help curb cavities in your little one’s teeth? Prevention may start in the womb! Find out what a new study says in Hot Topics.

At what age should children stop sucking their thumb? The answer might surprise you! Learn more in Hot Topics.

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Are energy drinks stripping the enamel off your kid’s teeth? Find out in today’s Hot Topic.

A new parent asked me the other day if they could use concentrated or powdered your-baby formula that needed to be mixed with water.
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Dentist have also been concerned that by aggressively treating gum disease patients with teeth cleaning, bacteria could get into the pregnant woman’s bloodstream causing harm to the baby. But those fears are baseless, the new study shows.
Many dentists like to see a child by age one, not because there are a lot of problems to detect, but because it’s a good time to help parents learn more about dental health care and to establish a good relationship with the child.
How do you know when your baby is teething?
Dr. Sue answers an email whwn will my baby cur her first tooth?
Young children given syrup containing the naturally occurring sweetener xylitol may be less likely to develop decay in their your-baby teeth.
New research suggests that children who are growing rapidly have a higher preference for sweets.