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Whether at the moutains or the beach, wear your sunscreen!

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Two popular baby and children's sunscreens have been recalled due to bacteria and fungi contamination. Click on Hot Topics to learn more.

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Melanoma in children is increasing. Find out what a new study reveals and how you can help protect your child in Hot Topics.

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Should infants wear sunscreen? You might be surprised at the answer! Find out in today's Hot topic.

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Wondering which sunscreen is best for your child? Check out today's Hot Topic for brands and selection tips.

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Getting away fro spring break? Don't leave your house without packing a few essential items.

During the summer months I get frequent phone calls or an occasional office visit, with the chief complaint being, my child has white patches on their face
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Why it's important to monitor your baby's sun exposure.

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Over half of your child's sun exposure comes before age 18. Start the sunscreen at an early age.
Your family needs sunscreen and moisturizers during the winter months.