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Does the HPV vaccine increase sexual activity?

1:30 to Read | teens, sex, Daily Dose
A new study reveals critical info related to HPV vaccine & sexual behavior.

1:30 to Read | sex, Daily Dose, behavior
Sexting is on the rise among teens.

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Parents need to continue to talk with their kids about sex.

1:30 to Read | teens, sex, Daily Dose
Plenty of controversy surrounding distribution of the "morning after" pill on a college campus.

1:30 to Read | sex, Daily Dose, behavior
How much access does a teen have to emergency contraception?

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A recent study suggests that STDs are on the rise in teens and many did not know they even had one.

Recently, it was my “office/desk” day and while I am busy answering emails, tweets and phone calls, I had The View on in the background. I keep telling my husband I can multi task! The “ladies” were talking about the rise in teenage pregnancies.
Sexuality, contraception and the media. What messages is the media sending to your children?
An alarming study in Pediatrics reveals a rise in STD among sexually active teens.