infectious disease

Shingles are painful & more commonly found in adults. But can children come down with them?

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What is roseola and how do you treat it?

The measles outbreak is a serious health concern.

Are your child's vaccinations up to date? CDC warns of infectious diseases on the rise in teens.

Today's Kid's Dr's Hot Topics looks at why some parents are still concerned about childhood vaccines, and the science that supports vaccinations.

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Would you give your child a lollipop that was infected with the chickenpox virus? Some parents say absolutely. What you need to know.

If you are planning a summer vacation outside the U.S. there are new recommendations to protect your family against measles.
Public health officials are warning passengers of possible exposure to measles on an airplane. Dr. Sue talks about how infectious diseases are just a plane ride away.
Dr. Sue discusses the dangers of babies and herpes.