Beginning in 2001, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasized amoxicillin as the preferred antibiotic for most children with sinusitis.
According to a study that checked the electronic medical records from an Ohio healthcare system, obese children are missing out on being screened for obesity related illnesses.
One of the things that I sometimes see in my practice, which is interesting to me as a pediatrician, and was equally interesting when I had young kids, is how quickly a child's ear exam can change.
If you have recently had a baby you may already know about “clogged tear ducts”.
Tessalon, approved by the FDA to treat symptomatic relief of cough in patients older than 10, may attract younger children because of the drug’s candy-like appearance – a round, liquid-filled gelatin capsule.
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A new study suggests concussion symptoms may be gender specific.
When should you let your school know about your child's illness? That is a difficult and 'tricky' question, as kids are sick frequently.
The study published by the journal Pediatrics, says that when probiotics are given to children, who are otherwise healthy but are suffering with diarrhea from a viral infection, the duration of the illness is shortened. The review also found that probiotics may help prevent diarrhea in children who are taking antibiotics.
A sick baby is rarely a happy baby, so what’s a parent to do? Check in with your pediatrician, of course, and follow all treatment instructions. Beyond that, you'll have to wait for the illness to run its course. Fortunately there are tips for helping your child feel better and recover faster.
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Is the popular pain killer causing more harm than good?