Viruses linger during end of school year and disrupt many events. Dr. Sue explains what parents can do to keep their kids healthy.
What can you do if your child has an "innocent" heart murmur?
WHen your baby is losing weight, could it be pyloric stenosis?
1:40 to Read | heat, sports, illness
DId you know kids dehydrate quicker than adults?
With spring break under way, I seem to be getting some phone calls from patients of mine who have been on the road travelling and dealing with a child with motion sickness.
To keep the germs at bay, it has been suggested to remove all toys & magazines from a doctor's office. Really? Aren't there germs on magazines in a lawyer, dentist or school office?
The hazards of using the Internet as your own medical textbook can be great.
We are in the height of "sick season" with no end in sight. So how do you keep your kids healthy?
Another illness going around right now is strep throat. Strep is most common in the elementary school aged child. It is seasonal and more cases are seen during the winter months.