heart disease

One-third of U.S. school-age kids may already be on the road to early heart disease. Found out why in Hot Topics.

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Find out which foods may contain artery clogging trans fats and what the FDA is doing to eliminate them in Hot Topics.

Obese children as young as two could already be developing heart disease. Learn more in today's Hot Topic.

Teenage obesity is having a direct effect on their chances for a long and healthy life. Learn more in Hot Topics.

After reviewing the results, researchers noticed that the older teens showed signs of inflammation, insulin resistance – which can lead to diabetes- and oxidative stress, which can lead to blood vessel damage. Any one of these conditions could be a pre-curser to heart disease. If a child has all three, it becomes a very worrisome prospect for the child’s future health.
A new study shows that in the last 25 years, rates of severe childhood obesity in the United States have tripled.
Once again there is a lot of news about the appropriate time to screen children for lipid abnormalities.