Just when you least expect it, those nasty viruses can rear their angry heads and guess what, they seem to be back.
Longer bouts of exercise may be better for maintaining a healthy weight in children than is sporadic activity accumulated throughout the day.
Texas students who are more in shape than their peers are more likely to do well on achievement tests according to a new study.
A new study published shows that a growing trend of curbing free time at school may lead to unruly classrooms and rob children of needed exercise.
Teens who spend more than two hours in front of the TV or computer each day showed less endurance during a standard running test than their peers.
I wonder how many children received bicycles, skateboards, or roller blades for gifts over the holidays?
Overweight children who start exercising after school may be less likely to slam doors, hit other children and express their anger in other aggressive ways.
Free play encourages creativity and social skills in all children.
Scientists using ultrasound technology detected fatty deposits more typical of middle-aged adults than in children as young as 10.
This day and the entire month of October is meant to bring awareness back to the need for children to walk to school when possible.