Children these days are more likely to get hurt in gym class than they were a decade ago, a new study published in Pediatrics shows.
Young children take an extra three minutes to fall asleep for every hour of the day that was spent physically inactive according to new research.
I seem to get a lot of questions from new parents that are runners about using the jogging stroller with their newborn.
A new study suggests that children who are obese appear to be more vulnerable to injury in the bones and muscles of the lower body than children who are lighter.
I must be becoming more "social" on line and have started getting some You Tube videos that are really quite entertaining.
A new study shows the benefits of exercising during pregnancy may boost fetal development.
This is the best time of year for children playing on playgrounds and in the front yard.
New research from Australia suggests that many children spend too little time outdoors and too much time in front of the TV.
Healthy eating begins with the first foods that you feed your infant.