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Why does a young, seemingly healthy athlete go into cardiac arrest.

Kids who came to the clinic with injuries played organized sports an average of 11 hours a week, compared with fewer than nine hours in the uninjured group. Although the researchers did not specifically look at this, Jayanthi said he has noticed that more highly specialized sports such as tennis, gymnastics and dance tend to be linked to more severe overuse injuries.
A new study says the more the kids exercised, the more the intelligence-test scores went up. An average increase of 3.8 points on scores in cognitive planning skills was noted in kids who exercised 40 minutes a day for three months, the researchers found.
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Strong bones build a solid frame for your child later in life. Know the facts on bone health.
Current guidelines suggest that children and teenagers get at least an hour of moderate or vigorous exercise every day — equivalent to a brisk walk or jog, respectively. But less than half of U.S. children, and even fewer teenagers, manage to work this much exercise into their routines.
What every parent and coach should know about concussions.
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