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Why teens are turning to heroin

1:15 to Read | teens, drugs, Daily Dose
Why teens believe pot is not a "bad" drug.

Learn a better approach to talking to your kids about drug use in today's Hot Topics.

1:15 to Read | drugs, Daily Dose
Synthetic marijuana is easily accessible to your teen & can be deadly.

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One of the easiest ways for your child to get high? Look inside your medicine cabinet.

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In some circles, K2 is the new marijuana. It's legal and sold in smoke shops. It is smoked and gives one a relaxed, happy feeling.

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Drug manaufactureres have pulled OTC infant acetaminipehn for safety reasons.

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More and more teens are choosing to self medicate.
Video of Miley Cyrus smoking salvia has been making the rounds on-air and online. What is salvia and why are tweens/teens smoking this herb?
Teen drug use is on the rise and parents need to take note.