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Talk to your kids about underage drinking.

Binge drinking and alcohol use among teens continues to rise. A college freshman as already died from alcohol poisoning What parents and teens need to know.
Is it possible for your child to become a binge drinker based on your parenting style?
New energy drink Four Loko contains alcohol and is inadvertently being sold to teens many of who are overdosing and being sent to the emergency room.
A new MRI-based study shows that when teens go on a binge drinking episode, they may be doing serious damage to the sensitive "white matter" in their brains.
A look at the facts surrounding underage drinking
I am like millions of people, writing this and watching the finale of 'ER'. One of the story lines was about a teenager who was admitted with alcohol poisoning.
The Kid's Doctor talks with Leslie Lanahan of the Gordie Foundation about the new movie: Haze the movie.
As a parent of college-aged children one of the biggest concerns of the fall is also binge drinking.