1:15 to Read | Parenting, development
I learned a lesson today: make sure you watch what you say to children!

1:15 to Read | family, development
Find more time to play with your kids; it's good for everyone in the family!

1:30 to Read | development, fear, toddler
Getting your kids ready to sit on Santa's lap? Take note: some kids are afraid of Santa Claus. Here's why.

1:45 to Read | development, education
Have you said to your child "a penny for your thoughts?" You may be surprised how they respond.

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Behavior insomnia common in babies & toddlers.

2:00 to Read | development
1 in 3 parents say their child's well check visit lasts 10 minutes or less. How to get the most out of this visit.

2:15 to Read | family, development
Back to school is the best time to start good family routines.

2:00 to Read | behavior, development
Parents will try anything to get their kids to behave.
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A new study confirms what parents already know: are kids are too wired!

2:00 to Read | development
Kids need vitamin D & calcium to build strong bones.