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Parents will try anything to get their kids to behave.
2:00 to Read | behavior, development, technology
A new study confirms what parents already know: are kids are too wired!

2:00 to Read | development
Kids need vitamin D & calcium to build strong bones.
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Is your child not talking? No worries, they will catch up.

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Can preschool help your child be better prepared as an adult? New results from a 25 year study says absolutely.
According to a new study, if your child sustained a head injury they are more likely to get into a fight.

How common is breath-holding & faintng in the toddler years? More than you think.
Teen star Demi Lovato checked herself into rehab for emotional issues. Dr. Sue explains why some teens cut themselves.
Are you your child's playmate? It;s hard to entertain kids all day. FInd a balance for you and your child. It's healthy for everyone!
Does your child get an allowance? As a parent myself I have had all sorts of differing opinions about giving children allowances.