Why do parents give their child's private parts nicknames instead of real names?
Eating and sleep are too big issues with toddlers.
The children who struggled with self-control as preschoolers were three times as likely to have problems as young adults. They were more prone to have a criminal record; more likely to be poor or have financial problems; and they were more likely to be single parents.
A new study says the more the kids exercised, the more the intelligence-test scores went up. An average increase of 3.8 points on scores in cognitive planning skills was noted in kids who exercised 40 minutes a day for three months, the researchers found.
Does white rice cereal cause childhood obesity? One pediatrician thinks so.
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Reactions suggest people are either born with -- or develop at a very early age -- some understanding about social dominance.
Dr. Sue takes you through milestones during a baby's first year.
Countries that vaccinate babies against rotavirus, which can cause severe diarrhea and kill in days, have significantly reduced the number of children admitted to hospitals with the disease, a report showed on Thursday.
Breastfeeding has more benefits than first thought.
Gather your family for Family Movie Night! It's much more than just watching a movie.