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Want a fun day out? Try your local farmer's market!

1:45 to Read | ER, Daily Dose, accident
Wouldn't it be great if your child did not have to get stitches to close a wound?

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Are birthday parties getting to be just to much for parents?

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At what age can you leave your child home alone?

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How to stop the food battles in your house.

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Those pesky mosquitoes are still biting. What you can do to protect your family.

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Can an app tell you if you've had too much sun?

2:00 to Read | sleep, school
Getting back into the routine of school days also means getting back to good bedtime routines.

The best way to discipline your child?

1:30 to Read | vaccines, immunizations, Daily Dose
Some doctors are no longer taking patients who refuse to vaccinate their children. I am one of them.