Over 240,000 Brita children’s water bottles are being recalled because they can crack and cause lacerations. Find out which models in Hot Topics.

Use a video monitor to keep an eye on your infant? Find out which product’s batteries are being recalled due to possible burn hazards in Hot Topics.

Cedar, hope and toy chests are great for storing things but could they be lethal hideaways for children? Learn more in Hot Topics.

1:30 to Read | recall, CPSC, children's safety, beds
A popular and moderately priced brand of kid's beds are being recalled in the U.S. and Canada. Find out which brand is posing a safety risk to children in Hot Topics.

2;00 to Read | toddler, safety recall, CPSC
Two toddlers have died after their dresser tipped over on them. Find out which dressers are being recalled by CPSC in Hot Topics.

2:00 to Read | recall, infant safety, CPSC
Four major retailers that sold the Nap Nanny recliner have volunteered to recall the product themselves. Find out why in today's Hot Topics.

1:45 to Read | TV, safety, CPSC
Tipping TVs can kill a small child, is yours securely anchored? Find out more in today's Hot Topics.

1:30 to Read | recall, cribs, CPSC
New voluntary crib recall.
2:00 to Read | baby, CPSC, pacifiers, Parenting, recall
Recall of popular pacifier. What you need to know.

2:00 to Read | recall, CPSC
Popular Stroller Recalled