Although Human Growth Hormone is not a cure for the disease, researchers discovered that it reduced the number of hospitalizations among those who have the disease.
If your middle-years child seems to have distortions and confusions in gender identity, discuss boy and girl, male and female behavior directly with him or her. For instance, talk with your child about the specific gestures or behavior that may provoke reactions from others, and identify together some that might be more appropriate.
Stereotypes of masculine and feminine behaviors and characteristics permeate our culture. And when a child's aptitudes and interests deviate from these accepted norms, he or she is often subjected to discrimination and ridicule.
Too many children are getting much of their water from sweetened beverages rather than plain old H2O, the researchers found. The study also revealed that those who drink water consume fewer sweetened beverages and eat fewer high-calorie foods.
How to keep your college student child healthy and what to pack when they get sick.
What’s the secret to a good night’s sleep?
A delicious and easy recipe for Simple Peach Tart.
The toy giant has recalled toys -- including tricycles and play places -- citing potential dangers from falling onto certain protruding parts and choking hazards from small parts.
Many dentists like to see a child by age one, not because there are a lot of problems to detect, but because it’s a good time to help parents learn more about dental health care and to establish a good relationship with the child.
What’s the secret to a good night’s sleep?