A new study says the more the kids exercised, the more the intelligence-test scores went up. An average increase of 3.8 points on scores in cognitive planning skills was noted in kids who exercised 40 minutes a day for three months, the researchers found.
Among males aged 15 to 34, the rate surged by nearly 51 percent. Among females in that age group, it increased 17 percent. Strokes soared 31 percent in boys aged 5 to 14 and 36 percent in girls of the same age.
Children may develop fears from a traumatic experience (e.g. traumatic dog attack), but for some children, there is no clear event that causes the fear to arise.
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Your child needs sleep to function daily. It also affects his/her mental health.

Burns are one of the most painful injuries a child can suffer. Knowing how to recognize the degree of a burn, and the proper treatment, can make a huge difference in how well the burn will heal.
The guidelines, confirmed by the USDA, would require schools to cut sodium in those meals by more than half, use more whole grains and serve low fat milk.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced recalls on two children’s products, and a popular dehumidifier.
Most children who get repeated throat infections probably don’t need surgery to remove their tonsils and would improve in time with careful monitoring, according to new clinical guidelines on tonsillectomies in children.
Beginning in 2001, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasized amoxicillin as the preferred antibiotic for most children with sinusitis.
According to a study that checked the electronic medical records from an Ohio healthcare system, obese children are missing out on being screened for obesity related illnesses.