2:00 to Read | sugar, study, health, children, cereal
Which brands of children’s cereal contain more than 50% sugar? Find out in today’s Kid’s Dr. Hot Topic.

2:00 to Read | study, pollen, children, asthma
Read in today’s Kid’s Dr Hot Topic about how even low levels of pollen can trigger an asthma attack in pollen sensitive children.

2:00 to Read | children, concussions, kids, sports, study
Is your child active in sports? Read the results of a new study on children and concussions.

Today's Kid's Dr's Hot Topics looks at why some parents are still concerned about childhood vaccines, and the science that supports vaccinations.

Does your child know the basics of good personal hygiene? Tips for parents and caregivers are at The Kid’s Dr Hot Topics.

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is it possible that your pet can protect your child from allergies?

No one wants summer fun to turn into summer tragedy. These helpful safety tips are a good way to let fun and safety go hand in hand.
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Looking for ways to help your child learn to love veggies? We've got some great tips!
2:00 to Read | CDC, children, immunizations, study
A life threatening illness is on the decline thanks to vaccination rates.

2:00 to Read | baby, children, safety, sunscreen
Over half of your child's sun exposure comes before age 18. Start the sunscreen at an early age.