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NEVER leave your kids in a hot car.

16 deaths have been attributed to children left in a hot car. What every parent needs to know.
1:45 to Read | safety, car seat
Do parents know the new recommendations for car seat safety?
Britax Child Safety is recalling nearly 23,000 car seats for safety reasons.
Evenflo voluntarily recalls booster seats after Consumer Reports says the seats did not perform well in safety crash tests.
With the recent comments by the AAP on the current research that children under the age of two years remain in rear-facing car seats, I have noted a lot of confusion.
Children under four years of age fare better in motor vehicle accidents when they are riding in rear-facing rather than forward-facing car seats.
The Texas Legislature is sending a bill to Governor Rick Perry that will change booster seat laws.
About two-thirds of children's booster car seats may be improperly installed or are being misused new analysis shows.
New research is indicating that toddlers are more than five times safer riding in the rear facing position in their car seats than in the previously recommended forward facing position.