Due to wet weather, snakes are being oushed out into the open. WHat does it mean? There is a higher risk of being bitten by a snake.
Children love to be outside in the spring and summer when the daylight is longer and the backyard, playground, or campsite can become a magical play space. Insect bites are bound to happen. Most are just an annoyance, but make sure you know which ones to be concerned about and which ones may just require a hug and a kiss.
From May/June until fall I consistently see children who are brought to my office for me to look at their insect bites.
It’s that time of year again when the bugs start to return from their “off season vacations” and we all start to realize that there are bites appearing all over children’s bodies!
I received another e-mail with an attached picture (you can take a look too) asking me my thoughts on what to do about this child’s bite. My first thoughts are, “is this really a bite, or is it an early staph infection?”
I am sure there is a purpose for stinging insects in the animal kingdom, but they are quite a nuisance in the human kingdom during the summer months.
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