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There is plenty of detective work that goes into diagnosing a food allergy.

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Could your child have a skin reaction to a baby wipe?

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The best ways to treat fall & indoor allergens.

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Help your child get through allergy season.

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is it possible that your pet can protect your child from allergies?

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What will increase your baby's rsik of asthma later in life?

Part 3 of our special allergy series. Today we talk about how to control dust, pollen and mold from invading your home.
Your goal over the next few months is to introduce a wide variety of foods. If your baby doesn't seem to like a particular food, reintroduce it at later meals. It can take quite a few tries before kids warm up to certain foods.
From prickly heat to poison ivy, we’ll talk about the ways to treat these summer skin irritations.