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Find out what hidden allergens may lurk in your home and what you can do to reduce them in Hot Topics.

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Allergy season means nose sprays & eye drops for relief. They can also be poisonous if swallowed. Learn more in today's Hot Topics.

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3 years of allergy shots just as effective as 5 years says a new study. Find out more in The Kid's Dr. Hot Topic!

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Think you have to get rid of your pet because your expecting? Good news in today's Hot Topic!

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It is shaping up to be a BAD allergy season, so how do you spell relief? Ask Dr. Sue!

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What's the best way to keep indoor allergens at bay?

2:00 to Read | allergies
Is it an allergy or food intollerance?

In our special series, we look at ways to treat your allergies
We continue our special series on allergies. This time we look at food allergies and how they are diagnosed.
1 in 5 suffer with allergies and the first symptoms begin in childhood. That's why we are dedicating this entire week to help you get through this allergy season.